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The Best Sit-Up Pillow of 2019

We tested the preferred sit-up pillows to seek out the one that provides you complete again help whereas cushioning you in consolation. Palms down, the Linenspa is the perfect sit-up pillow for studying in mattress, watching television, gaming or another leisure activity. Full of high-quality shredded reminiscence foam, the Linenspa is each supportive and plush on the similar time. Another nice selection is the Milliard studying pillow, which is delicate and cuddly however supportive of again muscle mass as properly.

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How we chosen sit-up pillows to check

A sit-up pillow really has one objective: offer you again help when you’re reading or watching television in mattress or on a sofa. However after we learn by means of Amazon shopper evaluations, we discovered that folks additionally buy sit-up pillows to take a seat upright in mattress after surgery or to help relieve persistent back pain.

The sit-up pillows we decided to check have been advisable by reviewers for correcting posture while they have been lounging to help back and neck muscular tissues. However the pillows had to be snug, too; no one enjoys sitting towards a hard piece of foam.

We selected pillows that have been full of shredded memory foam, since it can be both firm and plush at the similar time. People who buy a sit-up pillow for again pain typically purchase a bed wedge pillow, so we examined one of the preferred wedge pillows to see how it in comparison with traditional sit-up bed pillows

Examine one of the best sit-up pillows

Necessary features to think about

Many of the tons of of models and types of sit-up pillows look similar. Throughout our testing we found that they’re not all alike. The following options of the most effective sit-up pillow will assist you to determine which one is right for you.

Measurement: Most sit-up pillows have an identical shape: triangular with two armrests on both sides. When you’re on the lookout for a sit-up pillow that provides you both lower and higher again help, you’ll want one that is as tall as your whole back: The prime of the pillow ought to attain your shoulders at the base of your neck. A shorter sit-up pillow will only help your decrease again muscle mass, and also you’ll really feel the pressure on your higher again muscle tissue after a couple of minutes.

Two of the pillows we examined can be found in a number of sizes. Earlier than buying a sit-up pillow, we advocate measuring the size of your back and comparing it to the peak of the pillow. We discovered that the extra-large measurement (24 inches) provides better back help to a tall individual than the standard measurement (18 inches) does.

Lengthy armrests: Many sit-up pillows have brief, stubby armrests that only reach so far as your elbows. Relying on the size of your arms, the brief armrests might not even touch your elbows, which suggests it’s worthwhile to maintain your arms elevated once you’re studying. Look for a sit-up pillow that has armrests that reach the base of your wrists. The additional length will help your elbows so you’ll be able to hold a ebook and in addition cushion your arms if you’re watching television or simply resting.

Supplies: All of the sit-up pillows we tested had a polyester cowl, often an ultra-suede or velour. Apart from one of the pillows we examined, their covers may be removed and washed.

The greatest sit-up pillow is full of shredded memory foam, which is usually encased within its own separate cowl. As we mentioned in our evaluations for the most effective cooling pillow and one of the best pillow for aspect sleepers, the reminiscence foam must be CertiPUR-certified. CertiPUR exams polyurethane foams utilized in bedding for hazardous contaminants. Search for a label on the sit-up pillow that it’s been CertiPUR certified; otherwise, you possibly can be breathing in toxic gases emitted from the froth.

Prepping a sit-up pillow

Many Amazon shoppers are stunned that their sit-up pillow isn’t ready for instant use when it’s delivered. Manufacturers compress the sit-up pillow, roll it and vacuum-seal it in plastic earlier than delivery. When the pillow arrives, it needs to be released from the plastic, laid out flat and, as steered by instructions, allowed to broaden 24 to 48 hours.

We found, nevertheless, that the pillows absolutely expanded overnight. Although it’s not said, we suspect that the 24-to-48-hour time period is to allow for off-gassing. Reminiscence foam is infamous for its pungent chemical odor, which ultimately dissipates. Because the majority of sit-up pillows are full of memory foam, it’s greatest apply to let the pillow air out — we aired the check pillows on an outside patio — for two or three days.

Best Sit-Up Pillow: Linenspa

Linenspa was, by far, probably the most snug sit-up pillow we tested. Full of shredded CertiPUR-certified memory foam, the Linenspa feels supportive and plush at the similar time. Think about your most cozy chair or couch, and you’ll get a sense of what it’s wish to settle into the Linenspa.

We examined the generously stuffed extra-large measurement, which gave full-back help whereas we sat in mattress. The Linenspa has long (15 inches) and extra-wide (10 inches) armrests — the widest of all of the pillows we tested — they usually accommodated our forearms all the best way to the palms of our palms.

The Linenspa is nicely made with robust stitching and thick material that’s been dyed a richly hued deep blue. (It’s additionally out there in stone gray.) In contrast to the opposite pillows we examined, the Linenspa doesn’t have a zipper for removing the duvet. After testing, nevertheless, we determined that with the ability to take away the duvet isn’t essential, as a result of as soon as it’s been washed, the duvet will shrink somewhat and be troublesome to stuff the pillow back inside, especially into the armrests.

The Linenspa has a robust deal with so we might simply drag it from the bed room to the lounge. We examined it on the sofa, and it was barely less snug, because its measurement takes up half the area of the sofa cushion. However once we shifted our place and sat extra upright — as we have been presupposed to do — we by no means needed to go away.

Most Snug: Linenspa

The Linenspa reading pillow supplies full-back help while surrounding you in exceptional consolation. Full of CertiPUR-certified memory foam, we detected virtually no disagreeable odors whereas utilizing it.

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Lastly, we tried the Linenspa while sitting on the ground. Although the pillow does keep upright on its own, you do have to lean up towards something if you wish to use it for help. We did this similar check with the other pillows, and we simply didn’t find any of them snug on the floor.

There was virtually no off-gassing from this pillow, and although some Amazon reviewers complain a few heavy dye odor, we detected no robust smells from it.

The Linenspa is priced at $50, which is about common for a top quality sit-up pillow. For $10 less, It’s also out there in a smaller measurement, which is about one-third the dimensions of the extra-large. For youngsters and teenagers that measurement is sensible. The extra-large is sort of heavy to lug around, so the usual measurement may additionally be higher for the aged who’re bed-ridden.

In contrast to the other pillows we examined, the Linenspa feels exceptionally sturdy. It supports higher and decrease back and corrects posture while cushioning you in consolation.

Key takeways:

  • The Linenspa offers full help to higher and decrease back and can also be probably the most snug of the pillows we examined.
  • Its filling is made of shredded CertiPUR-certified reminiscence foam, so it’s protected from hazardous contaminants.
  • The Linenspa’s armrests are extra-long and extra-wide, so you possibly can rest the whole length of your arm.

Runner-up: Milliard Studying Pillow

Although the usual measurement Milliard studying pillow is just too small for a tall individual, it provides wonderful help to middle- and lower-back muscle tissues. It appears and seems like a floppy stuffed toy, so we have been stunned at how firm the Milliard was once we propped it towards the bed headboard and sofa cushion. Though its dangling arms barely prolonged previous our elbows, we gathered them to our sides and comfortably rested our arms on them.

The Milliard is full of shredded CertiPUR-certified reminiscence foam, and if you’d like a firmer pillow, Milliard will ship further filling upon request. It has a delicate polyester velour cover, which may be eliminated for washing or spot-cleaning.

Runner-up: Milliard Studying Pillow

When you really feel like curling up with an excellent guide in mattress or on the sofa, the Milliard reading pillow is delicate and comforting, nevertheless it also helps your middle- and lower-back muscle mass. The commonplace measurement is just too small for a tall individual, but the extra-large measurement is good.

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The Milliard is obtainable in two further sizes: petite (14-inches tall) for a kid and additional giant (24-inches tall) for a tall individual. The Milliard runs about $10 greater than the Linenspa for the extra-large measurement, however it’s additionally a top quality sit-up pillow that we advocate.

Key takeaways:

  • The Milliard could seem too tender and floppy, however it provides surprisingly good help to middle- and lower-back muscle mass.
  • It’s full of CertiPUR-certified reminiscence foam, so you possibly can feel assured it gained’t emit poisonous gases.
  • The Milliard extra-large measurement is $10 greater than the Linenspa, however it’s also a superb choice.

Different sit-up pillows we examined


The mittaGonG studying pillow gave good help to the decrease back muscular tissues, however because it’s only 20-inches excessive (the only measurement obtainable) and never generously stuffed close to the highest, it could possibly’t attain the higher back or neck. We discovered the mittaGong snug for watching television in bed, because we might lean again towards the headboard. Nevertheless, as a result of of its brief armrests, it was tiring to maintain our elbows propped up to hold a ebook up for more than 10 minutes.

The mittaGonG seemed nicely made with a pleasant velour case and powerful stitching. It’s full of shredded memory foam, however it’s not CertiPUR-certified. With out the CertiPUR certification, you’ll be able to’t trust what gasses may be emitted from the mittaGonG’s reminiscence foam.

Hit Notion – Husband Pillow

Most reading pillows are often known as “husband pillows,” apparently because they provide safety, comfort and help. (Just lately they’ve been renamed “boyfriend pillows.”) Hit Notion’s Husband Pillow is one of the preferred on Amazon and is accessible in a rainbow of colours. It’s about the identical measurement because the mittaGonG pillow, so it provides good lower-back help. A detachable neck roll is included, and it bolsters the neck but not the upper again.

The Husband Pillow’s armrests have been splayed too far apart, so we might only rest our elbows and no different half of our arms comfortably. It’s a well-constructed pillow, and style-wise, we appreciated the 2 giant buttons that join the top roll to the top of the pillow. The Husband Pillow can also be full of shredded reminiscence foam, and like the mittaGonG pillow, it’s not CertiPUR certified.

X-tra Comfort Bed Wedge

The mattress wedge is well-liked with people who endure persistent back pain, since its wedge form promotes a totally upright posture and spine alignment. Nevertheless, the X-tra Comfort mattress wedge is a misnomer, since it was probably the most uncomfortable of the pillows we tested. The mattress wedge is designed solely for the bed; on the sofa it was like leaning towards a wood plank.

The X-tra Comfort wedge is made of two extra-stiff pieces of reminiscence foam (not shredded, not CertiPUR), coated in a cheap-feeling velour case. The giant wedge is intended for back help; the aim for the smaller wedge is a mystery. The company’s website exhibits pictures of putting the wedges underneath the model’s knees. We tried it, however elevating legs and ft as illustrated put pressure on the decrease back.

It’s additionally steered that the wedge can be utilized as a sleeping pillow. Maybe, for those who take pleasure in sleeping on a rock. There are a selection of bed wedges available on the market, so cross this one by.

The bottom line

In case you love studying in mattress, binging on Netflix or just lounging round on a lazy Sunday morning, you could be bolstering your self up with additional pillows, which may pressure your back muscle mass and neck.

We chosen the Linenspa as the most effective sit-up pillow for providing full-back help and comfortable consolation. Its extra-long and extra-wide armrests help your whole arm relatively than just the elbow, and it’s the only pillow we tested that was so plush we by no means needed to rise up. The Linenspa is properly made with high quality material and powerful stitching, and at $50 for the extra-large measurement you’re undoubtedly getting your money’s value.

We additionally favored the Milliard studying pillow, which feels smooth and floppy however provides wonderful help to the middle- and lower-back muscular tissues. The normal measurement is just too small for a tall individual, and although its extra-large measurement is $10 more than the Linenspa, it’s additionally an awesome choice for providing full back help in mattress or on the sofa.

Most Snug: Linenspa

Generously stuffed, the Linenspa embraces you in plush consolation whereas giving your complete back agency help whenever you’re sitting up in bed or on a front room couch.

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